Feng Zhiqiang, Grand Taichi Master

On 14:29 pm, May 5, 2012, Feng Zhiqiang, the china’s world-famous Tai Chi Grandmaster, died at Guang’anmen hospital in peking.


Feng Zhiqiang, Grand Masterof Chen-Style Tai Chi Quan

and Founder of Hunyuan Tai Chi Quan

The world famous Martial Arts Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang, recognised as Super Grand Master of today in Tai Chi Quan and Qigong, is perhaps a good example of ‘Martial Art Graft’.

Having been considered as one of Chen Fa-ke’s most brilliant and accomplished Students, Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang, at the 1st International Tai Chi Quan Conference in Wuhan City In 1986, which is hosted by China’s central goverment for the fisrt time since the establishment of PRC, was designated by the Chinese Government as one of the 13 most outstanding masters of Tai Chi Quan, along with such other luminaries as Chen Xiaowang (Chen style), Yang Zhenduo (Yang style), Sun Jianyun (Sun Style) and Wang Peisheng (Wu style) etc. In fact, these masters were commissioned by the Chinese government to present their respective arts in a series of books published in China.

Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang, born in 1928, in Shu Lu County, Hebei province, China, he studied many schools of martial arts from hisearly childhood under the tutelage of well-known masters in the fields of Shaolin Kungfu, Tongzi Gong, Yi Jin Jing (Tendon Rejuvenating Qigong) and other martial forms.

At the age of 17 he was introduced to a famous wushu master named Han Xiaofeng, who taught him the essentials of Zhusha (Cinnabar) Palms and Tongbei (Arm Stretching) Kungfu.

At age 22, Feng was then apprenticed to Hu Yaozhen, a Grand Master of Xinyi Liuhe Quan (Heart Intention and Six harmonies Kungfu), who introduced the promising youth to his friend Grand Master Chen Fa-Ke recognized as a 9th generation authority in Chen-style Taichiquan. Feng then studied under both of these experts for many years, and gained both Xinyi Qigong and Taichi Kongfu.

This experience led Grand Master Feng to graft these two styles together to produce his own unique contribution, Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Tai Chi Quan (abbreviated as Hunyuan Tai Chi Quan), to Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

As Grand Master Chen Fa-ke have told Mr. Feng that the primordial essence of Tai Chi Quan is “Hunyuan”, the word “Hunyuan” refer to the “original” state of the universe. It can be likened to “0” that comes before “1”, or the Great Void or “Cosmic Soup” that existed before the beginning of creation. It is like the “Tao that cannot be named,” (referred to in the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching). It pre-existed, even before Tai Chi, which contains both the Yin and Yang, was born from “Wu Chi” (The Void). It also refers to the circular/spiral movement of the universe, which should be incorporated into Hunyuan Tai Chi Quan and Qigong practice. The word “Xin Yi,” as seen in the name of Hunyuan Chen Style Xin Yi Tai Chi, which comes from the Xin Yi Qigong from Hu Yaozhen, refers to the words Xin (heart) and Yi (Intention) which we used together also make up the name of this martial art.

Grand Master Feng’s intention was to focus on the use of the emotional and intentional mind’s components. In actuality, the use of these words was designed to focus one’s attention on the Qigong component of the Hunyuan system rather than on the martial art of Xinyiquan, which GM Feng also mastered.

It is this evolution of Hunyuan Taichiquan that is perfectly described by the term of ‘martial arts graft’.


About taichicenter

Guoyuan Xiang began learning Shao Lin Kungfu at his seven years old. At seventeen, he learnt Yuan Gong Quan ( Ape's Fighting-kungfu) from a famous martial artist, Zhang Yinfan. Later,as a disciple of two Grand Taichiquan Masters, Li Jingwu and Feng Zhiqiang, he began to learn Taichi Kungfu. Xiang Guoyuan is a member of Chinese Wushu Association, Vice-Chairman of Hebei Province Wushu Association,Chairman of Tangshan Wushu Association and President of Tangshan Chen Style Taichiquan Association. As a successful entrepreneur, Xiang Guoyuan is actively involved in social welfare programs, and donated to Project Hope and impoverished college students .
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